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Our Team

At Betz Art Foundry we pride ourselves on our aristic approach to creating and producing sculptures.  Our team includes professional artists who offer quality and innovative design work along with an understanding of casting.  Here at the foundry, we do it all!  We are passionate about sculpture, creative solutions, and qualtiy craftsmanship.

Our Team Members:

Lori Betz: Artist/Owner

Lori Betz is a fine art sculptor and the owner of Betz Art Foundry.  (read more)


Jessica Jacobi: Designer/Artist

Jessica Jacobi is a Designer at Betz Art Foundry, specializing in detail work.  She has her Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from Texas Tech University. (read more)


Jonathan Lopez: Designer/Artist

Jonatan Lopez is Designer at Betz Art Foundry.  Lopez was trained in sculpture at the University of Houston, and as an active artist he brings creativity and expressiveness to the sculptural process. (read more)

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